"Butterfly Kisses" for Nico & Sabi
"Butterfly Kisses" for Nico & Sabi
"Butterfly Kisses" for Nico & Sabi

"Butterfly Kisses" for Nico & Sabi

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We are so excited to welcome “Butterfly Kisses” box to our LWB family! This new box is a collab with Growing the Pizarros & Nico's Promise (Non for Profit Organization). This box has so many beautiful goodies! And the best part is it’s all made by WOMEN! .

Proceeds of this box will be donated to A Journey of Hope & Healing! Below is their website to learn more about this amazing organization. 

Included in our “Butterfly Kisses” box is:

Cookie: Delicious & Adorable Camper Cookie by Eat, Love & Sweets. Local, Small & Woman Owned Business.

Wooden Heart & Butterfly: Beautiful heart and butterfly, both representing the love for Nico & Sabi. Handmade by Pearls & Twine. Local, Small & Woman Owned Business.

Candle: Nico’s Promise & Growing the Pizarros candle. Woman Owned Business.

Succulent: Adorable little Succulent potted in a mini planter with care instructions included. Made by Succulents By Sisters. Local, Small & Woman Owned Business.

Wooden Bracelet: This beautiful wooden beaded bracelet has a small charm with the Pizarro Anchor & Butterly. Available in Pink & Blue. Handmade by the amazing Kenia from Broken Mariposas Fly. Local, Small & Woman Owned Business.

Vouchers with up to 40% off discount codes for Kichu Collective and 15% off for Badass Mom Wine (Non-Alcoholic Rose) 

Essential Oil:  a sweet little sample of Lavender essential oil to rub on your beautiful wooden beaded bracelet, to help keep you relaxed throughout the day!

This box comes with "Butterfly Kisses" stamped on the outside and more than 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Nico's Promise.


Philanthropic support is critical to the future of this essential program. This is why we aim to endow the program to provide support to our families in perpetuity. Jorge and Alina Hernandez, and their daughter Carolina Hernandez-Exposito, co-founders of Nico's Promise in conjunction with Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation, invite you to join them in making the endowment a reality by giving generously and by supporting the annual Nico's Promise Fashion Show and other fundraising activities.

The loss of a child affects the entire family. With your support, Nico's Promise extends a helping hand when they need it most with:

  • Individual counseling sessions

  • One-on-one sessions with family members

  • Support groups and meaningful activities

  • Family counseling sessions

  • Access and referrals to community resources