Hi! My name is Irene and I’m the founder/owner of Little Wooden Box!

You know that moment when you find out you’re pregnant and you realize you’re carrying a little human inside you? When your world kinda freezes and you feel like you’re in a movie? Is this real?! That was me when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Allison. Even though I knew it was something we wanted it still felt strange and unreal. Eventually that moment passes and it becomes excitement, joy and sooo much love. That love comes with the need to protect your cub and make sure they are healthy for 9 months and their entire lives after that. Little Wooden Box grew from that need and want to protect my baby. When my daughter was born so was my desire to build something for her. Something that can hopefully one day become hers. Something to teach her that she can accomplish anything. Little Wooden Box was built for her and inspired by her. I also have a love for small businesses who give it their all for their brand and company. That is why LWB’s goal is to support small, local and women owned businesses to bring natural, safe and handmade products to your doorstep. Being a woman is hard but being a mother is even harder. Two bodies become one during a pregnancy and that bond will last a lifetime.